What the Students have to say

"What can I say. I consider it to be the absolute biggest blessing and honour to have been able to come to this school and be even a minuscule part of something so amazing. I'm head over heels in love with this school. It is without a doubt the most amazing and nurturing place to grow up in..... It's filled with the most caring and thoughtful people I could ever have had the pleasure to meet....... this school has done so much for me, it's impossible to put into words how sincerely grateful I am. I feel as though Les Quennevais has truly shaped the person I've grown to become....I wish I could just shove everything Les Quennevais is into a box and take the people inside with me everywhere I go in life. The school has such an amazing sense of team spirit and pride, it really does feel like one big family, so it will feel like there's a part of me missing come September. I will never ever forget Les Quennevais."

"Les Quennevais has helped me because the teachers know how I learn so they can help me more. It gives opportunities to become involved in the way the school works and help me make decisions."

"I would describe the school as a close community. What I have enjoyed most is the special bond between the students and teachers. I feel the vibe within the school is unique and creates a friendly learning environment."

"Les Quennevais offers students the chance to be successful at what they do. The school has high expectations and the resources to help nurture talent."