The Trust has been established by the Governors to provide a means for parents and local businesses to provide additional resources for students at Les Quennevais. By pooling small contributions the Trust has provided extensive additional facilities for the school. Many of the projectors and interactive whiteboards in the school have been funded by the Trust, and most recently the Trust invested in a set of new stage-lights which have been extensively used in performances. 

The bulk of the Trust's income derives from regular donations through standing orders into the Trust's account, with donations ranging from £5 a quarter to £50 a month. Some parents prefer to provide an occasional lump sum by cheque to the school. 

In a time of restricted budgets the support of the Trust (and of parents for the Trust) has been hugely important in providing resources to help students learn more effectively. 

The Trust is managed by an independent board of Trustees, representing Parents, Governors and Staff. 

If you are a supporter of the Trust, thank you. If you would like to add your support please contact the school for a standing order form. If you would prefer to make a lump sum donation, please make a cheque payable to Les Quennevais School Trust and forward it to the school.